General Collection

Multidisciplinary bibliographic heritage that currently has a little more than 104,000 titles in 193,185 copies.

The collection is distributed thematically on the two floors of the Library building or its ground floor.

This collection is available to all users in open shelf mode. This collection provides material that is categorized into two types:

From the glass CL

Materials that talk about La Salle, documents prepared by teachers and/or brothers; as well as the material edited by La Salle.

This collection consists of 608 titles.

Video store

Audiovisual material that at some point supports study plans and programs in which titles can be found in VHS and DVD format.

Said collection is made up of 3,364 titles.

Reserved CR

Materials that, due to their value, limited number of copies or rarity, require special protection and are found in a reserved space.

Currently this collection consists of 1,405 titles.


Ebooks that correspond to Basic and Complementary Bibliography of the different study plans; as well as literary books

Access to 97 titles.

VK Vladimir Kaspé

Donation of the personal collection, most of the material touches on architectural issues at a national and international level. This collection is located in the Vladimir Kaspé Information Center.

This collection is made up of 1,780 titles.


Collection that mainly concentrates physical titles, political maps and typographic maps, these support the high school area.

This collection is made up of 108 titles.


Written research work that is presented to obtain a Bachelor's, Specialty, Master's and Doctorate degree.

Currently there are more than 14,528 titles in the different areas of knowledge, ranging from 1964 to date.

Official Publications

This is where the Official Gazette of the Federation is located in physical format from 1941 to 2007. Said material is kept on the 2nd floor of the Reserved Collection.


Quorum Foundation donation, materials that won an award, regarding presentation, design, etc. The materials found in this collection specialize in communication and design issues.

This collection is made up of 900 titles.

newspaper library

Perspective and retrospective consultation of information published in newspapers and magazines of a technical nature and/or of general interest, with national and international circulation.


Support material for people with visual disabilities.

This collection is made up of 160 titles and is located on the 1st floor of the library, Unidad Condesa.


Donation of the artist's personal collection, specialized in topics such as: architecture, communication, design, etc., although titles of general interest such as literature, novels, etc. can also be found here.

This collection consists of around 1,332 titles and is located on the 2nd floor of the library, Unidad Condesa.